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The Bootlegger

Live Music and Events

The Bootlegger


Tuesday 1st

Gregg Williams 9-12pm

A multi talented artist performing a powerful set of Soul and bluesy classics.

Wednesday 2nd

Rowe and Parratt 9-12pm

Blues Duo

Thursday 3rd

Kim Campbell 9-12pm

Jazz , Blues and soul

Friday 4th

Talking Bird Collective 9-11pm

Blues, soul, Rock ‘n’ Funkin Roll

Saturday 5th

The Bear Quartet 9-11pm

Be Bop, Latin Jazz

Monday 7th

Jane Williams 9-12pm

One half of South Wales’s finest Guitar and Vocals duo Omega Two, “Jukebox Jane” is just as entertaining when flying solo and please feel free to make a request she’ll probably know it and definitely doesn’t bite.

Tuesday 8th

TBC 9-12pm


Wednesday 9th

Rowe and Parratt 9-12pm

Blues Duo

Thursday 10th

Toriah Fontaine Duo 9-12pm

azz Blues Powerhouse Toriah Fontaine will delight you with her beautifully classic and soulful voice.

Friday 11th

The Three Swingers 9-11pm

Swing Trio

Saturday 12th

The Flash Pans 9-11pm

Blues, Jazz and Soul Trio

Monday 14th

Drifting Soul Duo 9-12pm


Tuesday 15th

Gregg Williams 9-12pm

A multi talented artist performing a powerful set of Soul and bluesy classics.

Wednesday 16th

Pete Mathison 9-12pm

AKA Junior Hacksaw and former accompanist to Ray Davies of The Kinks, Pete Mathison is a sublime Blues Vocalist/Guitarist

Thursday 17th

Bay Rum Hounds 9-12pm

Harmonica and Guitar duo, playing Blues, Ragtime, gospel & swing

Friday 18th

The Toriah Fontaine Band 9-11pm

Blues Originals from powerful, young and tremendously talented Toriah and friends.

Saturday 19th

Junior Hacksaw 9-11pm

Saturday Night Swing

Monday 21st

Sion Dafydd Dawson 9-12pm


Tuesday 22nd

Matt Pauley 9-12pm

Soul singer and His trumpet

Wednesday 23rd

Rowe and Parratt 9-12pm

Blues Duo

Thursday 24th

Tea for Two 9-12pm

Jazz , Blues and soul

Friday 25th

Hiding from Girls 9-11pm

Swing, Jazz, Soul

Saturday 26th

St Louis Express 9-11pm

Rock n Roll

Monday 28th

TBC 9-12PM


Live Music

Rock 'n Roll





Northern Soul

Our Story

The Bootlegger.

Est. 01.03.2014

29,307 days after prohibition ended, The Bootlegger Family opened their doors in their first bar on Gloucester Road in Bristol. Since then the family have carried on its journey heading west, opening it’s doors at the top of Womanby Street in Cardiff, back to where the minds who conceived the idea grew up. Unlike the days when an environment containing these things would be banned, you can enjoy them here, without fear of incarceration or fine. Our espresso martinis and sours are drinks of legend, as are the rest of our beautifully crafted cocktails. Come sample some of the local brews or why not join us at our dedicated gin bar where the selection will be as unique and delightful as we are.

Just like when the prohibition of alcohol ended, on the 5th December, 1933 when the 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment making liquor legal again - people danced animated, partied where the music was slammin’ together reveled - we encapsulate that energy today, here and now for your enjoyment with live music and in-house DJ playing swing, blues, jazz and rock ’n roll.

We play the best music, from the best times, with the best drinks, for the best company and patriots of the Bootlegger bars.

Welcome to the Bootlegger; The Family, The Movement, The Place.

The Bootlegger Family.

The Bootlegger
The Bootlegger
Bristol Bootlegger

House Rules

House Rule #1

All are welcome to dip their bill. Follow the rules and all will be jake. Break the rules and you’ll get the boot.

House Rule #2

Our musicians are the souls of our venue, respect their talent, creativity and brilliance.

House Rule #3

Everyone’s welcome as long as they welcome everyone in our open door speakeasy.

House Rule #4

No limit on drinks if you can hold your liquor but the Barkeeps word is law.

House Rule #5

Fisticuffs to be held outdoors, offsite and at your own peril.

House Rule #6

Do not leave this joint with liquor, drink up or leave it. We respect the people and City of Cardiff.



The Bootlegger offers over 80 cocktails all freshly made with natural ingredients. No pre mixing here! Our limitless selection includes our signature Bootlegger selection as well as classic drinks from the Prohibition era. We also offer some excellent local and international ales, craft beers, ciders, an almost limitless range of spirits and a dedicated gin bar.

The Bootlegger


The Bootlegger

Happy Hour


2 cocktails for £10

Happy Hour

Fri & Sat 4-10 pm

2 cocktails for £10

Free Entry

All Week

Live music and in house DJ playing swing, blues, jazz & rock ’n roll


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